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virtual drive backup software

#1 Virtual Drive, Inc.

Virtual Drive is currently the top rated contender for Free FTP Server & Online Storage services that we have evaluated. They also are leading in online backup solutions to ensure your files security online. 

#2 YouSendIt, Inc.

YouSendIt has been a leader in File Transfer for quite some time, but fell to the #2 position after our extensive review and public reaction to their file transfer services.  

Google carCalifornia’s new testing rules the reason why

Google has been working on its own self-driving car and putting the vehicle through its paces. One of the interesting things about the car is the fact that it doesn’t have a steering wheel. However, a set of new testing rules from California’s Department of Motor Vehicles will change that, reports The Wall Street Journal. Now Google’s self-driving car will have a steering wheel and a pedal system.

In order for people to test Google’s car, according to the new rules, a test driver is “either in immediate physical control of the vehicle or is actively monitoring the vehicle’s operations and capable of taking over immediate physical control.” In response to the rules, that will take effect on September 16, Google will comply by developing a small, temporary steering wheel and pedal system that can be used during the tests.

Commenting on the new trappings, Google spokeswoman Courtney Hohne said, “With these additions, our safety drivers can test the self-driving features, while having the ability to take control of the vehicle if necessary.”

Prior to the rule change, the self-driving car only had a screen that showed the vehicle’s route and buttons to start and stop the car. Google plans to produce 100 of its self-driving cars, that have the speed limit capped at 25 MPH, with testing on private roads to begin next month. 

Would you feel safer now that Google’s self-driving car has a steering wheel and pedal system?

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HP EnvySave money on a Windows 7 system

With Windows 9 (Threshold) rumored for an introduction next month along with a Release Preview for consumers and developers alike, it’s safe to say that the Windows 8 era is winding down, though some would argue it never truly began (market share figures would back that argument). So, what do you do if you’re an OEM looking to pick up sales for the back to school season? Well, if you’re HP, you promote Windows 7 and offer shoppers an enticing discount.

HP has been sending out a newsletter to customers with the heading, “Windows 7 PCs on sale, just in time for school.” That’s an interesting sales pitch some two years after Windows 8 has been on the market. Nevertheless, consumers just haven’t reacted to Windows 8/8.1 the way Microsoft hoped they would, so this isn’t a terrible move by HP.

If you head over to HP’s “Laptops & hybrids” section, you’ll see HP pushing Windows 7 laptops with instant savings of up to $170. You can save up to 20 percent off of Windows 7 laptops in certain cases, such as the HP Pavilion 15t-n200 — it normally sells for $750 but is currently marked down to $600. The HP Envy 15t-j100 Quad Edition is close behind with a 19 percent reduction to $730, down from $900.

Time is running out for Microsoft’s hardware partners to sell Windows 7 PCs to consumers. After October 31, they’ll no longer be able to sell systems with Windows 7 as a standard option.

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Girl GamerFun facts about the video game industry

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) released a report titled “Essential Facts About the Computer and Video game Industry” that’s filled with sales, demographic, and usage data. According to the report, 59 percent of Americans play video games with an average of two gamers in each game playing U.S. household. Some 51 percent of U.S. households own a dedicated game console, and of those that do, most own two. As for the gender breakdown, 52 percent of gamers are male and 48 percent are female. However, things get interesting when you examine the breakdown by age.

“Women age 18 or older represent a significantly greater portion of the game playing population (36 percent) than boys age 18 or younger (17 percent),” ESA states in its report (PDF).

Also interesting is that the number of female gamers age 50 and older increased by 32 percent from 2012 to 2013. ESA didn’t provide any reasons for the rise, but we’d guess it has to do with accessibility, such as playing games on tablets and smartphones.

Not surprisingly, casual and social game play on mobile devices and online went up “significantly” as well. Among the most frequent gamers, social games are now the most popular, increasing in popularity by 55 percent from 2012 to 2013.

Image Credit: Flickr (włodi)

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EVGA X99 MicroHaswell-E can’t come quick enough

Hoping to build a small form factor (SFF) system around Intel’s upcoming Haswell-E and X99 chipset launches? That seems to be the trendy thing these days, and you can bet motherboard vendors will step to the plate with smaller size motherboard options. These won’t be chintzy slabs, either. EVGA posted a picture to Instagram showing off a small board built around the X99 chipset.

The EVGA X99 Micro is an mATX board ready for Haswell-E. According to Fudzilla, it sports a 10-phase VRM design. You can also see four DDR4 memory slots (two on each side of the CPU socket), six SATA 6Gbps ports, three PCI-Express 3.0 slots, mSATA slot, USB 3.0 and 2.0 connectivity, on-board power and reset buttons, and LED POST.

It’s rumored the board will sell for about $250, which is a bit high for an mATX motherboard, though keep in mind it’s part of EVGA’s Classified family aimed at overclockers and enthusiasts.

As for Haswell-E, there’s no official launch date, though recent chatter now has it pegged for August 29th. All Haswell-E chips will require a new X99 motherboard with the revised Socket 2011-3 layout. These boards will also support DDR4 memory.

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AMD FX 8-CoreBig savings might be just around the corner

Save for a stint during the socket 939 era when Athlon 64 X2 chips carried premium price tags, AMD has mostly been about delivering competitive pricing compared to Intel. In keeping with that trend, AMD is reportedly getting ready to slash prices of its FX-9000 “Centurion” processors, as well as trim prices less aggressively on select FX Series parts and discontinue certain older models.

According to Xbit Labs and a few other sources on the web, AMD will roll out its new prices on September 1, 2014. One of the biggest cuts is purportedly coming to the FX-9590, which will go down to $215 when purchased in mass quantities supplied in trays — you can expect retail pricing to be a bit higher. At present, the chip sells for $299, though Newegg has a coupon code that cuts the cost to $260.

Other price reductions include the following:

  • FX-9370: $199 (down from $219)
  • FX-8350: $169 (down from $189)
  • FX-8320: $139 (down from $149)
  • FX-6350: $119 (down from $129)
  • FX-6300: $99 (down from $109)
  • FX-4350: $95 (down from $119)
  • FX-4300: $95 (down from $99)

On top of the above, AMD is reportedly planning to either discontinue or keep the present pricing on its FX-8150, FX-8120, FX-6200, FX-6100, FX-4170, FX-4130, and FX-4100 processors.

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