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virtual drive backup software

#1 Virtual Drive, Inc.

Virtual Drive is currently the top rated contender for Free FTP Server & Online Storage services that we have evaluated. They also are leading in online backup solutions to ensure your files security online. 

#2 YouSendIt, Inc.

YouSendIt has been a leader in File Transfer for quite some time, but fell to the #2 position after our extensive review and public reaction to their file transfer services.  

Linux PenguinIt’s a “de-Windowsifying movement”

Most of the mainstream angst directed towards Windows 8 and 8.1 in the U.S. has to do with the Modern UI and little things like the lack of a Start menu. But while hopes are high that Windows 10 will be the OS everyone wanted Windows 8 to be, China’s concerns run much deeper than the UI. As such, China reportedly plans to undergo a “de-Windowsifying” process in which its systems will be move to a state-endorsed version of Linux by 2020.

“We call this a de-Windowsifying movement,” Computer Science Professor Ni Guangnan of the Chinese Academy of Engineering told

The 75-year-old professor went on to discuss his plans to bring together China’s homegrown OS developers in an alliance to replace Windows within the next few years.

“Now is the most vulnerable time for Microsoft in China, and the best time for homegrown software companies to beat it,” Ni added.

So far the effort has the support of 15 OS developers. None of them can take on Windows by going at it alone, but China’s hope is that by pooling their talent and resources, they can rid the country’s reliance on Microsoft’s OS. It’s also worth noting that China recently banned the use of Windows 8 on all government PCs due to spying concerns.

“At the end of the day, I expect the 15 operating systems to merge into one or two operating systems, while the rest of the developers can shift into providing other relevant services,” Ni said.

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Roccat Ryos TKL ProGo crazy with macros

Ever since entering the U.S. market, Roccat’s been steadily updating its catalog of gaming gear, the newest of which is the Ryos TKL Pro, a tenkeyless mechanical keyboard. According to Roccat, the design and functionality of the Ryos TKL Pro resulted from “tons of hands-on research and testing,” including that of professional gamer HyuN, the number one StarCraft II player in the world.

“The Ryos TKL Pro looks good, it feels really great to play on, and supports all of my needs when I’m training, and definitely in competition,” HyuN says. “If you’re an eSports gamer like me or just love playing with an amazing keyboard, the TKL Pro is awesome.”

Beyond the marketing fluff, the Ryos TKL Pro is a compact plank with Cherry MX key switches, 470 programmable macros, Roccat Talk support (it can communicate with other Roccat peripherals), two 32-bit ARM Cortex processors, 2MB of flash memory to store profiles, and per-key illumination that you can customize with special effects.

The Ryos TKL Pro is available now for $140 MSRP.

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LG 31MU97Supports over 1 billion colors

Professional photographers, video editors, and graphic designers looking to get the sharpest images possible won’t have to look too far. LG has released the LG 31MU97 4K monitor that meets the required standards of the Digital Cinema Initiative for professional or general use.

The LG 31MU97, also called the Digital Cinema 4K monitor, is a 31-inch IPS 4K monitor that is capable of helping professionals edit 4K content without resorting to image scaling. With a 4096×2160 resolution and 10-bit color, the 4K monitor covers 99.5 percent of the AdobeRGB spectrum and supports over 1 billion colors to provide more accurate and detailed images. In addition, there is the Dual Color Space feature which lets the monitor display two different color modes at the same time, allowing users to compare different versions of their work concurrently. 

For those of you that need your monitors to have multiple connections, the LG 31MU97 should be more than adequate. It comes with two HDMI ports, DisplayPort, MiniDP, and three USB 3.0 ports. Users will also be able to directly connect the monitor to a tablet or external HD and, according to LG, the monitor is Mac compatible. 

The LG 31MU97 should be available now for $1,399 at Amazon, Newegg, B&H, Fry’s, and Tiger Direct.

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Lenovo LogoThe deal has gone through

Back in January, it was announced that Google would be selling its Motorola division to Lenovo pending approval from authorities. Google, which had acquired the mobile company for $12.5 billion in 2012, was looking to sell it and now that all parties involved have signed off on the deal, Lenovo has acquired Motorola for $2.91 billion.

Of the $2.91 billion, $660 million will be in cash while 519,107,215 of newly issued, ordinary shares of Lenovo stock (valued at $750 million) was transferred to Google at the close of the transaction. As for the remaining $1.5 billion, that will be paid to Google in the form of a three-year promissory note. However, a separate cash compensation of $228 million will also be paid to Google to cover the cash and working capital held by Motorola at the time when the deal closed.

According to the deal, however, Google will maintain ownership for most of Motorola’s patent portfolio though Motorola will be given a license to the patents and other IPs in it. However, Motorola will retain 2,000 patent assets in addition to a number of patent cross-license agreements and the Motorola brand.

With Motorola under its umbrella, Lenovo has high expectations according to Lenovo executive vice president Liu Jun who said, “With the complementary strengths of our two companies, we expect to sell more than 100 million mobile devices this year – including smartphones and tablets – by leveraging the Lenovo brand’s leading market position in China, our shared momentum in emerging markets, and Motorola’s strong foothold in mature markets like the U.S.”

The acquisition of Motorola makes Lenovo the third largest maker of smartphones, which will now has access to the Moto X, Moto G, and Droid series of smartphones.

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MSI GT80 TitanFinally, a gaming laptop with a mechanical plank!

Call us keyboard snobs if you will, but once you’ve experienced the pleasure of typing on a mechanical keyboard, it’s difficult to go back to those squishy membrane planks. Peripheral makers have stepped up to the plate with plenty of mechanical models in the past few years, though MSI gets a virtual high-five for being the first to plop a mechanical keyboard on a gaming laptop.

MSI’s GT80 Titan uses Cherry MX Brown key switches, which are known for being light, tactile, and non-clicky. It’s a popular switch among gamers because of their tactile response while remaining relatively quiet compared to Cherry MX Blue switches, which are loud by comparison.

Little else is known about the 18.4-inch GT80 Titan, at least on an official basis. Rumor has it the GT80 Titan may wield a GTX 980 SLI configuration and up to 32GB of RAM. Given the laptop’s size, we’re betting on this being a full-blown desktop replacement.

No word yet on price or availability, only that it’s “coming soon,” according to the GT80 Titan’s teaser page.

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